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Hitman 2 Android & iOS

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Hitman 2 Android


HITMAN 2 is the 7th and latest installment to the Hitman video game series. Released on November 13th, 2018, this is the first entry to the franchise after Io-Interactive acquired the rights to Hitman Mobile from Japanese publisher Square Enix.

Unlike 2016’s HITMAN, the game will not release episodically; instead opting to use a more traditional launch method, with various game add-ons and DLC expected after the initial release. One such DLC is the Legacy Pack, which will include every location from HITMAN season one, updated with features from HITMAN 2, including combat, weapons, etc. The DLC will be free for players who already own HITMAN season one.

Hitman 2 Mobile Gameplay

hitman 2 mobile gameplay

Hitman 2 Android and iOS Story

In HITMAN 2, players will once again take control of Agent 47 in order to fulfill assassination missions. For the first time, players will be able to complete contracts either solo or with others via online co-op in the Sniper Assassin game mode, in addition to the standard single-player experience. Missions take place in dynamic locations across the globe, where players can utilize the sandbox nature of the maps to their advantage in order to achieve their goal in any way they see fit. From an assortment of weapons, environmental hazards, distractions and tactics, creative use of the world is at your disposal, along with the return of opportunities and hints from the previous game which aid players into seeing some of the more spectacular assassination methods.

New features that come with HITMAN 2 Mobile include camera view grids and Picture-in-Picture. For the former, players will be able to see the field of view a camera has by way of a displayed grid, seen on the floor or wall where the camera is facing when using Instinct Mode. The Picture-in-Picture feature will pop-up a small screen in the corner of the player’s screen when other characters do something of importance during a mission, such as when and how someone discovers a body.

Elusive Targets have been confirmed with the first target, known as The Undying. British actor Sean Bean will portray the first elusive target Mark Faba, a MI5 agent turned freelance assassin.

Progression is centered around mastering locations. As players level up the Mastery track for each location, they unlock starting locations, agency pickups, and new items that give options to take on each mission in new ways. Progress can be achieved by either completing Challenges or earning Performance XP.

Performance XP acts as a second avenue to accumulate experience points. It awards a small amount of XP for doing moment-to-moment actions during a playthrough, like taking someone out silently, hiding a body, or killing a target. By default, Performance XP will be displayed, but this can be toggled on or off in Settings.

A Player Profile levels up according to total XP earned. Player badges are the visual representation of the profile level. Both Mastery and Performance XP are funneled into the Player Profile as well as the Mastery Track, leveling both up as players progress through the game. Outside of those two systems, items that can be unlocked by completing specific Challenges.

Events in Hitman Mobile


Following the events of HITMAN, Agent 47 embarks on a mission to hunt the mysterious “Shadow Client” and disassemble his militia. His first lead is the location of one of the Shadow Client’s lieutenants, Alma Reynard. 47 is able to gain some intel on the Shadow Client’s activities from Reynard’s home in New Zealand before eliminating her. Impressed with 47’s performance, Providence authorizes him and the ICA to hunt down the rest of the Shadow Client’s militia. When 47 asks Diana why the ICA would be willing to work with Providence, she replies that both organizations share interests in putting a stop to the Shadow Client, whose activities are now causing a global panic. She also reveals that Providence secretly promised to her to reveal 47’s past.

How to download Hitman 2 Android


  • Click the download button to download and install Hitman 2 APK or Hitman 2 IPA file.
  • If you downloaded the data to your PC/Mac, simply move it to your Android or iphone device
    Run the APK and also Install it.
  • On Android it might ask you to enable the setup that was obstructed for safety and security factors – enable the setup, clearly
  • Do that by clicking the Settings button and after that clicking Enable for Hitman 2 Android APK
  • The entire procedure might use up to 2-3 mins depending upon what device you have
    As soon as installed , run the video game from your application cabinet or the desktop computer symbol on your device
  • The game will certainly after that download and install data and also OBB file and begin after it completes the procedure